We are an international, interdisciplinary, collaborative, peer-led community that empowers people with a PhD to bring their knowledge and expertise to the world. We support one another, we share resources and we encourage one another to share our skills and resources with folks outside of academia.

Our Values


We use open projects to share our knowledge and expertise in the world


We assist OPA members in networking with people from different fields of expertise and experience from around the world


We collaboratively create tools to empower PhDs to build successful careers outside the academy

What we do

  • We run workshops and coffee chats
  • We create online resources and materials
  • We create an online community
  • We support each other to take the next step
  • We encourage each other to create open projects to share their skills and knowledge with the world

Why it Matters

The academy is changing immeasurably. We need new systems and networks to support people with a PhD to do their work outside of academia.

We acknowledge the toxicity of the academic system and we name its misogynistic, racist, and classist dimensions. We’re here to acknowledge the difficulty of moving away from the toxicity and the challenge of shifting and transforming the academic system. We advocate for healing.

We know how hard it is. We’re not here to tell you what to do. We’re here to help you figure out what skills and knowledge you can share with the world and to help you do it.