Week 1 - Introduction to OPA

  • What is this program about?
  • Who are we and what do we bring into this adventure?
  • What are our goals?

Week 2 - Working openly

  • Why work openly?
  • What tools exist for open scholarship?
  • How do open licenses work?
  • How can we use social media tools for our benefit?

Week 3 - Translating Skills

  • What skills do we already posess?
  • How can we translate these skills into new fields?
  • What is the language we can use to talk about our skills?

Week 4 - Networking

  • How can we make more connections to people outside of academia?
  • But I’m an introvert/hate being skeezy/don’t want to bug people.
  • What is an informational interview for?

Week 5 - Finding Purpose

  • What problems need solving?
  • What matters to me?
  • What are the pain points we can see in the world around us?
  • How can we help?

Week 6 - Changing Identities

  • Who are you outside of the academy?
  • How do we respond to the question “What do you do?” when we don’t know?
  • What if I’m overqualified?

Week 7 - Knowledge Sharing

  • What tools do we have to share our knowledge?
  • What could we develop that would help us find more ways to share our knowledge?
  • What does scholarship and being a scholar look like outside of the academy?

Week 8 - Making a Contribution

  • Sharing our final projects
  • What will we continue to contribute as we go forward?

Beth M. Duckles

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